About me

I help people in change processes to find a new balance and new resources.

I use my “being a psychomotrician” to enter into deep listening with those who ask me for help.

I create tailor-made body listening activities and i use my “being a creative soul” to help people to discover the power of creativity as a form of healing and self-care.

Do you want to know more about my professional history?

My interest in the body as a tool for relationships and emotional communication was born in 1994, the year in which I embarked on my studies to become a psychomotrician. I worked for twenty years in the therapeutic field with children, updating my professionalism by integrating it with other training courses including psychosomatic relaxation techniques, the Pilates method, the Metacorporeal Approach Life Coaching, Meditation  and Bibliotherapy.

After having dealt with infantile psychomotor therapy for 20 years I decided to listen to my body, my heart and my soul and leave the healthcare environment to devote myself to the adult world using psychomotor practice no longer as a therapy but as an education to listening to one’s body and self-knowledge through movement.

Beyond the interests that concern my profession, I have always liked creating with my hands: over the years I have experimented and dedicated myself to different techniques (mosaic, collage, jewelery creation) and of course, MACRAME’.

When I create I feel perfectly aligned, I feel like I’m expressing my energy.

Something else about me:

I love reading and books that concern personal growth. I use tarot cards and oracles constantly as a support in difficult times and as a tool to dialogue with my inner world.

Every day I spend time practicing meditation and listening to my body with different methodologies: pilates, yoga, trekking, relaxation practices, stretching etc.

I don’t like cooking (but I cook anyway), I don’t like driving (but I drive anyway), I don’t like arrogant people and people who complain (I avoid them).

I used to live in Milan but since 2017 I live in Imperia (Italy), a little city in front of the ligurian sea.