Lotus Macramé

The lotus flower is a symbol often associated with Buddhism or spirituality in general. One of the characteristics associated with this symbol is that of purity and the ability to maintain its beauty in the mud.

For me lotus symbolically represents inner growth and everything related to study and practice and the wall hanging you can see in photo it’s my special lotus.

What does inner growth mean to me?

It means looking inside me, discovering my vocation and my talents and bringing them to light with awareness and intentional actions in everyday life learning to “make a difference”.

The path of inner growth is a path that concerns all people (women and men) in different ways, none is excluded. There is always a moment in life that takes us on a journey deep within ourselves.  There are those who travel daily in their inner world , others who cyclically lose their way and then find it again, and others who realize the strength of the path of inner growth only when a tragedy happens. To each his own path, to each his own way.

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