Joy : a macramé tale

Joy is a macramé wall hanging symbol of my “key word”. 

The story of this macramé concerns the integration between the way of awareness and the way of creativity and it is a coaching exercise about vision.

Having a keyword that can represent your direction means having a clear vision of your life.  Before choosing and formulating a goal it is fundamental to do a deeply work on oneself (better with a life coach) and discover the direction that guides our choices. In this way, the keyword becomes a reminder that helps us not to get lost on the path or that helps us to find the right way when we lost it.

It may be difficult to reduce one’s own direction to just one word, but the goal is to be able to refer to a fixed point. It is a matter of finding an evocative word that can represents for us a lifestyle and meaning. Obviously it is a word that can change with time and experience.

 I usually use collages for this practice, but this time I translated it with the macramé technique using cords and colors.

The wall hanging that you can see in photo is the representation of my key word JOY and the sentence you read below is the reminder that is hidden between the knots. 

The key to self-care is hidden in joy.

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