Listen to your creative body

“Listen to your body, create your life” is my motto, it represents both my profession and my approach to life at the same time. All the changes I have gone through have respected this steps: first I work on being (listen to the body) and then on doing (create your life) in order to be able to live mindfully.

What do I mean by living mindfully? Living mindfully means (for me) listening to my body, paying attention to my present with kindness and making space for joy.

The body is my starting point, my inner guide on this journey. I am constantly evolving and changing.

Getting in touch with yourself through the body means allowing yourself to discover your own essence. This is how I discovered macramé and started knotting. One knot after another I realized the deeply connection between mindfulness meditation and macramé.

Listen to your body, free your creativity and transform your life.

The most important step, the one that allows you to create the life you want, is what concerns your creativity.

Most of the time (not always) that you feel dissatisfaction in your life is because you are not expressing yourself freely and you are not using your creativity. You are not aligned with your deepest direction.

When you connect with your inner world through the body you connect with your talents and your inner artist.

By first learning to recognize your potential and then to have the courage to express it, you will be able to make the change you want and feel more in tune with life.

Through dialogue with the body you discover yourself and free your potential.It takes confidence, courage and patience.

It’s a gradual path that leads you to express yourself in the world. It is a journey that sets you free.

If you want I can help you discover how to listen to your body and transform macramé in a mindfulness meditation practice. In the next days I will write new articles about it and you’ll find a free guided meditation. Stay tuned!

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