Functional macramé

Macramé knotting does not only mean decorating home or office, but also creating functional objects like bags, coasters, runner for the table or storage pockets (you can see some photo here)

When I knot this type of macrame the creative energies are slightly different than when I create a wall hanging.

In functional macrame there is often a knot or a pattern that is repeated and the work becomes for me a way to calm, relax, release energy in the hands and, of course I’m I am satisfied that I have created something useful only with my hands!

In decorative macrame (such as wall hanging) there is a completely different energetic work for me.

Working with macramé continues to surprise me day after day, not only for its many uses and nuances, but also for the many different effects it can have on our well-being, and this is why I ‘ve started to write about it in this blog. I hope, week after week, to help you understand how it can be important to choose a craft hobby.

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