My macramé process

In the last two years of working with macramé I identified 4 major stages of processing: Inspiration, Project, Knotting and Letting Go. (These 4 phases that I’m going to explain below are referring to create macramé wall hanging without following a tutorial )


The inspiration phase is the step that requires listening to the body, centering and often also Oracle cards, Tarot cards and Runes. This part of the work brings out my spiritual and intuitive side.

Intuition and deep listening also guide me in the choice of wood, threads, colors and dimensions of the final product.

It is the intention that creates the direction of the project. Sometimes it comes loud and clear, for example: “I want to create a wall hanging/ totem that can bring energy of protection” or “I want to create a wall hanging that can bring joy to that house, to that person”. Sometimes, however, the intention is confused and I just feel the need to create. At the end of the work, in the phase of letting go, the intention appears with its message.


The project phase is the one that most of all brings out my practical side and also my studies in coaching. During the planning process, I create an action plan and a list of the material I will need.

The action plan consists both in establishing the working times in order to make creation fluid and free, and in defining the design and choosing the knots to make.

In the list of materials, in addition to the woods (if needed), I spend some time choosing the threads and colors. As for the choice of thread, a lot depends on the job I want to do and the result I want to achieve. There are cords with which it is not possible to make fringes, there are different thicknesses and different materials (cotton, linen, etc.). Beyond the thickness and characteristics (single thread, twisted thread, cord, etc.) I prefer to use threads from recycled material.

Working time is another important topic to which I pay attention. I create the “space on the agenda” for macramé and enjoy the moment without feeling like I have other things to do. Haste is not a good friend for creative work.

Once the action plan is defined and the material is ready, the weaving and knotting phase will be even more free and fun


In this phase there is the part of body awareness that merges with the creative aspect. When I start knotting, I pay attention to my posture and take regular breaks to rest.

During weaving and knotting, body awareness comes into play not only through the hands, but also with the whole body.

Based on the work to be done, I assume different postures (standing, sitting on the ground, sitting on a chair) and I have different awarenesses. I prefer to work standing up (without shoes) maintaining good contact with the floor, paying attention to the work of the shoulders and adjusting the height of the support so as not to tilt the neck too much or overload the arms with muscle tension. The contact of my feet with the floor keeps me rooted to the ground as I work “connected” at the top.

The hands become channels that not only let the yarn flow through my fingers, but also my energy.When I’m knotting I feel a sensation similar to that of the meditative state (maybe you will understand now why I chose the name macrameditation).

Letting go

When I’m done with knotting I let the threads and knots can take shape well and I let myself take a distance from the product.

The phase of letting go is a very particular and delicate phase, it is the moment in which I observe the work from another point of view and make adjustments (if necessary). I often do a meditation allowing my gaze to play with the weaves created by the knots. When I feel that the process is finished, I separate myself from the macramé wall hanging and let it free itself and find its place.

The process of letting go is a process that I always carry out with each of my creations (both with the books I have written and with the awareness practices I organize) and which allows not to identify myself with the final product even if I recognize that in that creation there is a part of my energy.

I hope that my words about how I work with macramé will help you to better understand how healthy can be a creative path for body, mind and soul.

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