MACRAMEDITATION is a creative blog about Macramé and Meditation.

“Knotting it’s about being fully present in the act of creating, rooting myself in hands and express my creative and healing energy.”


The path of creativity has come back strongly into my life and has become a cure and support in a time of change. Writing has allowed me to “stop on paper” what happens during the creative process and to make it a conscious and caring act.  

One knot after another I realized the existence of a thread that connects body awareness to the various stages of working with macrame and I started writing and collecting notes and reflections. In this last year in which I have constantly listened to the path of creativity, I have written a lot both on the creative process and on the importance of cultivating creativity as a way of awareness and well-being.

  This blog or if you prefer this creative macrame journal was born as a virtual space where I collect my notes on the creative process, my tales of macramé  and my guided meditation.  It is a separate blog from the barbaraboschi.blog site, even if is connected by an invisible thread of energy.  

Writing is very important for me and I decided to translate some part of this blog in english for my macramé friends especially for the macramakers community https://macramemakers.club/ to wich I belong.

In this blog you’ll find articles about creative process, guided meditation to help you in the path of creativity and some of my tales of macramè. You’ll not find tutorials.

Let’s start! Below you can find articles and soon you’ll find some free guided meditation.

Lotus Macramé

The lotus flower is a symbol often associated with Buddhism or spirituality in general. One of the characteristics associated with this symbol is that of purity and the ability to maintain its beauty in the mud. For me lotus symbolically represents inner growth and everything related to study and practice and the wall hanging you…

Joy : a macramé tale

Joy is a macramé wall hanging symbol of my “key word”.  The story of this macramé concerns the integration between the way of awareness and the way of creativity and it is a coaching exercise about vision. Having a keyword that can represent your direction means having a clear vision of your life.  Before choosing…

Chair meditation

Last article of our journey in the posture meditation: how to meditate on a chair. First of all it’s important to remember that meditating sitting on a chair does not take anything away from the practice compared to meditation with legs crossed or on your knees. I often encounter, in fact, the limiting belief that…

Kneeling meditation

We continue our journey dedicated to the deepening of posture in meditation: let’s explore, in this article, the position with the legs bent to the ground, on their knees. After focusing on the most affected areas of the body during sitting meditation, and after considering the cross-legged position, this article is about the kneeling position.…